Rage & Blues

320rThe Depot Gallery, 2 Danks St.
Waterloo, NSW, Australia

March 16-27, 2004 
Tues-Sat, 11-6

Making art is a very useful way of dealing with overwhelming and/or unresolved emotions. Artists often use their personal experiences or their inner turmoil to fuel the creative process while they are also exorcising their personal demons. The sculptures in this exhibition have been made over a long period of time as I came back time and again to wrestle with the two issues—what is anger and how does one portray the differences between kinds of anger. Sometimes from personal incidents and sometimes from observing others, I realized that rage/anger can be internalised, aimed at oneself or externalised, aimed at others; it could be controlled or out of control; it could be the last resort or the first resort. In fact there were many nuances and capturing those nuances in sculptural form was going to be very challenging. 

Implosion was the first one I made, and it provoked the other half of this exhibition as various people responded to it as if the figure was unhappy or depressed. That made me realise that while anger and sadness may be the opposite ends of an emotional spectrum, one can flip back and forth between the two quite quickly. I began to explore the various aspects of sadness, the feeling of vulnerability as in Exposed; the desperate nature of denial, as in Denial and the helpless feeling of sinking into depression as in Spiralling Down. 

I have used a more realistic anatomical language in these sculptures to help convey a more individual and personal portrait of these emotional states. It makes them more intimate and approachable despite the difficulty of the emotional intensity. 
It also made the emotional state portrayed less stereotypical and more ambiguous just as those emotional states are in real life. 

I haven’t spent the whole 15 years that they pieces cover, depressed or angry. Rather I have enjoyed wrestling with the issues and learning new techniques and approaches to sculpting in the process of making them. 

P Koshland 

Rage & Blues

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