Pairs: Contrasts & Compliments

203_CC_main1The Depot Gallery, 2 Danks St.
Waterloo, NSW, Australia

March 12-23, 2002 
Tues-Sat, 11-6

thumb_220_CC_alt2This exhibition contains five pairs of figures in bronze, each distinguished by contrasts in activity or gender or mental state and style, but there is one concern that joins all the works together—the exploration of how the energy of a body operates in and through the space it inhabits. Swish and With a Twist are bronze figures in two different kinds of dive, a forward and a back flip. If we choose to we can see these figures as simply that, beautiful examples of the human body in contrasting motions. However the figures also embody two very different forms of energy. In Swish there an unravelling spiral of energy opening outward. As the top part of the body arcs inward, the rest of the body disperses its energy outward. In With a Twist on the contrary, one becomes aware of a compression of energy in the space between the body and the legs. 
In the inter-joined pair, Swing, a tour de force of sculptural engineering and poetic form, the figures are connected and interwoven, but once again, embody very different kinds of energy. The swinger figure’s energy is concentrated and condensed in space while the energy of the swung figure expands and opens out as figure works to stretch itself through space.”

Pairs: Contrasts & Compliments

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