Cuts & Folds

exhibimageThe Depot Gallery
2 Danks Street
Waterloo, NSW

March 14-25, 2006 
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm

Opening celebration will be at the gallery, Tuesday, March 14, 2006 from 6-8 pm
thumb_thumb1In this exhibition I start with the idea of a flat piece of metal that is then cut or cut and folded to make my sculpture. The bronze sculptures all started as a single piece of chicken wire that was cut out as body, arms, legs etc and folded into position. I covered the chicken wire with a thin layer of plaster and then the normal lost wax casting procedure was used to produce the final sculptures. Rock Around the Clock and Spring were designed on paper and then the steel or bronze was cut by laser or water jet to recreate the image. 
thumb_notes_gallery_3 Soon it occurred to me that I could cut into the folded pieces, which led to Voilà and Bifold being two pieces that enfold each other. The next step was two people who enfold each other and Entwined was created. 
thumb_notes_gallery_4From cutting out the outlines of the figures, I then tried cutting into the forms, which allowed me to bend the flat laser sculptures to suggest more volume as in Conversation. Again the next step was obvious and ten separate entities of Launch was designed to be laser cut and then folded into position. 

  Aside from the exploration of new techniques and materials, I was trying, as always, to find new ways to express body forms and body language. For example for all the extreme angularity of Unfolding, she has a soft and gentle aspect to her. 
thumb_exhibimageThe whole project has been a great deal of fun to do as well as challenging.
I would like to give a special thanks to Alan Crawford and the crew at Crawford’s Castings for their work in casting these pieces are they may look simple but they were exceedingly difficult to mold, cast and reassemble. And I would like to thank Brenda May for inspiring me, as the first cut piece, Rock Around the Clock, and the first fold piece, Envelope, were responses to two of her challenging theme exhibitions. 

P Koshland 
Cuts & Folds

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